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Once again the Greeks managed to fool the masses. Like beach front property in Arizona, they managed to sell its stone beaches to the Hollywood stars while they relax on some of the world's finest soft white sand beaches

Greece's finest Sand Beaches

Halkidiki or as some spell it - Chalkidiki, is the three pronged peninsula just south of Thessaloniki. Kassandra - the first peninsula to the west, is a well organized holiday paradise, featuring 5 - star resorts such as the world class Sani Resort. The second finger moving east is called Sithonia - mountainous and laid back where every turn reveals a postcard picture beach. These two peninsulas are embellished with the finest sand beaches that Greece has to offer. Welcome to the playground of the Greeks - Halkidiki!

Birth place of Aristotle

Greece is renowned for it's great thinkers. Greece's greatest secret paradise, Halkidiki, has the claim of being the home to it's greatest philosopher - Aristotle. See the birthplace of this great teacher of Alexander the Great in Stagira. Roam the ruins of Olynthus and imagine yourself in an era that gave rise to one of the greatest empires the world had ever seen - Macedonia.

1000 year old monasteries

Athos is the third peninsula of Halkidiki, a deftly silent monastic state in the shadow of the towering Mt. Athos. Considered the holiest place in the Christian Orthodox world, the Athos Peninsula is home to monasteries built on older monastery foundations dating back to the 5th century AD. Life on Athos has not changed in a 1000 years. Practically the only way to get to this amazing hidden land where Mary the mother of Jesus is claimed to have walked is to become a monk.

What we like about Halkidiki

Cycle the strikingly beautiful Sithonia peninsula and then cool off in the refreshing crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Take a day Cruise to Mount Athos to see spectacular cliffhanging monasteries. Spend a couple of days on Ammouliani Island - Halkidiki's Greek island getaway. Be inspired by the view from above when visiting Aristotle Park. Soak in a mineral pool at the Thermal Spa Agia Paraskevi perched on a cliff overlooking the blue and green waters off the Kassandra peninsula. This is just a taste of Halkidiki, look into our guide for more tips and travel ideas.

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Some Destinations in Halkidiki


Eagles Palace Resort – Ouranoupoli

Helianthus Guesthouse – Ammouliani

Sunrise hotel – Ammouliani


Villa Chara – Ammouliani

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Popular Places

Aristotle’s Park

Petralona Cave – Greece’s most famous cave

Metamorfosi Beach

Paradisos Beach – Neos Marmaras