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Beach bliss – Drenia

Surrounded by several small islands that serve as a barrier from the waves and the wind, this vivid aquamarine coloured lagoon called Drenia will make you think you are at the height of bliss! The Drenia islands, or Gaidouronisia as the locals refer to it, is a group of 6 small islands off the southern tip of Ammouliani island and not far from Ouranoupolis on the mainland. Such is the beauty and calmness of this place that in the last years it has started to become a magnet attracting more than just the locals.

Six islands

The six islands that make up Drenia are actually more like two islands and four rocky crags that rise from the sea. The rocks don’t have much appeal for those in search of beaches but are home to many sea birds nesting on the rocks and a variety of fish that find protection here. The small islands help to form a ring that surrounds an elevated sandy seafloor and makes a large shallow swimming basin. Due to the shallow waters of the lagoon only small boats are able to reach some of the these beautiful sandy beaches.
Secluded beach on Penna, Drenia Islands


The main island is Drenia. This consists of two forested hills that are surrounded by sea cliffs on three sides, but on the lagoon side, there is a lovely, fine sand beach. This is Drenia’s main beach and the one that tourists are now flocking to for day trips. To cater to the day trippers from Ouranoupolis, a taverna was built and the sun beds and umbrellas were carefully placed to form a well organized day resort so you can just lie in the sun, sip on a cool margarita and indulge. For lunch the taverna will give you a taste of the days catch – fresh fish or steamed mussels.
Secluded beach on Penna, Drenia Islands

Penna Island

The next island in the group is called Penna. It is slightly smaller is size than Drenia and from above has the unmistakable shape of an hourglass where all the sand clings like a belt to both sides of it’s narrow waist. This island is a short swim from Drenia and easily within reach. Penna itself consists of two windswept grassy plateaus that gently slope towards its waist revealing two sandy white bowls. The larger beach faces the lagoon and the other beach is towards Ouranoupolis.

Other Islands of Drenia

A smaller island and the closest to Ammouliani is called Feti. This island is just rocky cliffs that rise from the water ending with a green crown on top. The side towards Drenia is just a short swim much like Penna is from Drenia. There is a small beach facing the straight between Feti and Drenia. The other islands have value for snorkelling, diving, or if you prefer just to find your own isolated island and tan on the rocks.

How to get to Drenia

There are multiple ways to get here. If you are coming from Ouranoupolis, there is a boat that brings the day tours directly to Drenia beach starting at 10:00 am, and every hour after this they leave until 18:00 pm. From Ammouliani Island harbour you can also catch a shuttle or you can rent a boat yourself and have a self-guided adventure.
Secluded beach on Penna, Drenia Islands  

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