Highlights of Thassos


Thassos (Thasos) is the emerald island of Northern Greece. Any Greek will tell you about the beauty of Thassos for this reason. While most Greek islands are barren crags, Thassos is uniquely covered in a blanket of green vegetation.

Timeless Thassos

Thassos’ violent past makes for an interesting history lesson. An abundance of gold, marble and other minerals lured the Greeks from the island Paros to invade Thassos in the 7th c. BC. The Thassians were hungry for prosperity and set up new colonies on the Greek mainland. But along with success comes enemies… the Macedonians, the Romans, Byzantium and the Ottoman empire have all fought for and left their footprint on Thassos. Today Greece’s northern island is considered as one of Greece’s richest - archeologically speaking. Some historical sites you may want to dig into are the ancient amphitheatre with the best view, one of Macedonia’s most significant museums, an ancient agora and the apparent burial place of Cassius, the Roman senator who instigated the plot to kill Julius Caesar.

Thassos has a beach for everyone

Thassos beaches are varied. One thing they do have in common is that most beaches are very shallow and ideal for families with small children. It’s no problem to walk out 10 - 20 meters or more and the water still doesn’t reach to your waist. While most of the island is surrounded by long rocky beaches, there are sandy coves to be enjoyed in most parts of Thassos. Not to be missed are the marble beaches consisting of perfectly smooth white marble pebbles, the contrast with clear teal green water is not found anywhere else in Greece and makes for an unforgettable sight.

Giola - the emerald teardrop

Conde Nast has grouped Giola as being among the 117 most stunning swimming pools in the world. The road to Giola is dusty, steep and sweaty but just the sight of this teardrop shaped natural wonder on the south shore of Thassos and you will want to dive right in! This spectacular swimming hole is situated several meters above the sea and surrounded by stone terraces that in the summer are covered with suntanning tourists. The waters of Giola are warmer than the sea and a soak in Thassos’ natural bath tub is definitely worth dragging yourself through the dirt.

What we like about Thassos

Limenas (Thassos Town) just oozes with cuteness - the harbor, ancient ruins, and labyrinth like lanes of Limenas are filled with adorable restaurants and trendy shops. Swim the protected waters of Alyki under the ruins of an ancient civilization. Dive 200 years into the past in historical Theologos where you can shop for crafts and handmade leather shoes, finish off with drinks and mezes at the seclusive mill restaurant. Join in with the November olive harvest and oil production.

Explore Northern Greece

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