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Macedonia Photo credit: Marianna Katsaouni

Mighty Macedonia didn’t only fight for a place in the history books, it wrote its own book. This is a mystical land that turned men into gods and philosophers into believers. Like a lion, Macedonia roared from its den and owned the world for but a day. Its symbol was the rising sun, but it set quickly as the majestic Macedonia fell under someone else’s shadow. Find out why the sun still shines a little brighter in Macedonia…


Greece’s second city, Thessaloniki is considered to be the northern capital. Look beyond its hallmark - the White Tower and you will find a deep history that is just beginning to be unveiled. Rome made Thessalonica one of it’s four administrative capitals under Galerius, the most important ruins in Thessaloniki are from this Roman period and the city’s museums seem endless. The youthful Thessaloniki shows its best side at night when the streets come alive. So what are you waiting for? Come and join the party called - Thessaloniki!

Alexander the Great to Apostle Paul

Alexander the Great put Macedonia on the map. Explore the homeland of the man who became the standard for all future conquerors. In Macedonia, ancient Philippi along the Via Egnatia takes center stage. Here Mark Antony and Octavian defeated Brutus and Cassius and the Apostle Paul began his European preaching mission in the city that is famous for… “Paul’s letter to the Philippians”.

Thassos - the emerald island of Greece

Greece’s most northern island is also its greenest. A favorite by the Greeks, Thassos (Thasos) has also played its part in Greek history. Thassians, as the people are called, have always liked good things… the worlds purest white glistening marble, abundant gold, olives, wine and honey. Thassos was rich and everybody wanted a piece of the pie. In the end Athens may have won the battle, but Thassos won the war as the island has become a magnet for beach tourism.

What we like about Macedonia

On Thassos - experience Saliara beach, a beach where the sand is not sand, but rather pure white beads of marble. See the royal tombs of the Macedonian kings in Vergina. Snap a panorama of Thessaloniki from the Ano Poli (Upper Town) and enjoy an evening in one of its gaudy tavernas that reflects Thessaloniki’s Ottoman history. Sample wines on one of the many Macedonian wine routes where they are producing wines that are really starting to come into its own. Cool off in historical Kastoria the charming lakeside village in the mountainous north that’s famous for its fur industry.

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