Highlights of Asprovalta


Following this amazing stretch of yellow sand, the Via Egnatia smoothed the way for famed men such as Julius Caesar, Pompey, Mark Antony and the Apostle Paul among others. The ancient Roman highway couldn’t ignore the splendor of the Asprovalta Riviera.

The Asprovalta Riviera

The Strymonic Gulf, enclosed by high mountains on three sides, faces south east and has a view to the Greek island Thassos across the sea. This sheltered gulf gives you the feeling that you just may be on the French Riviera as its lush green mountains gently cascade down to the green-blue sea below. The hillsides are covered with villas and vacation homes that help to fuel the local tourist industry - this is the Asprovalta Riviera! Consisting of no less than 20 kilometers of sandy shoreline, this is home to many organized “Blue Flag” beaches. In summer this holiday playground swells to a population of more than 200 000 and spills over into it’s neighbor resorts, Stavros and Nea Vrasna. Asprovalta with its more than 12 000 summer houses has succeeded in becoming the budget beach haven of Eastern Macedonia.

The Tomb of Alexander the Great?

The last couple of years has put this part of Greece in the international spotlight when an ancient regal tomb was discovered in the village of Amphipolis. All of Greece came to a standstill as they watched daily reports about this high profile excavation that was to boast the Greek’s national pride. Who was buried here? Could it be Alexander the Great himself? Maybe his wife Roxanna? While answers to these questions still continue to be evasive, don’t let this little archeological gem evade your plans.

Water Buffalos and Mineral Baths

West of Asprovalta, following the ancient Via Egnatia, the road to Thessaloniki, you enter a flourishing grassy valley with two fresh water lakes called Koroneia and Volvi, the later being the second largest lake in Greece. Here you find a special wetland ecosystem that is home to over 200 bird species and Greek water buffalo as they cool off in the summer heat. At Nea Apollonia, on the southern shores of Lake Volvi, the thermal spas that were enjoyed by the ancient Macedonians will allow you to relax and soak up this peaceful habitat in pools of mineral water as hot as 50 C!

What we like about Asprovalta

The promenade in Asprovalta is an interesting place day or night with it’s many restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Take a walk up to the Renina castle a 6th c. AD fortress with a breathtaking view over lake Volvi. Sample wine in the wineries around lake Volvi. Wander the ruins of ancient Amphipolis. Enjoy an evening cocktail under the shady majestic plane trees along the waterfront in Platania.

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