Highlights of Sithonia


The locals can tell you… if you have been to Sithonia once, you will always come back. The lure to this part of Halkidiki is its unmatched natural beauty. This is where the Greeks themselves come for escape. So why lose more time searching for that secret paradise, let’s get the ball rolling, rest assured… you will be back!

Gone to beach heaven

Are you still searching for that perfect beach? Let us help narrow it down. Here you will find some of Greece’s best of the best, Sithonia will win your heart. Every corner you turn will reveal a new panorama, the last one even better than the previous. The variety of beaches are endless… from family friendly calm shallow coves to deep sandy wave beaches, from high-end organized waterfronts to isolated romantic lagoons. Such perfect sandy white beaches are even more adorned with its glittering crystal clear water. Welcome to beach heaven! Welcome to Sithonia.

Secretive Sithonia

Like the middle child, Sithonia seems to have been forgotten. While Kassandra got all the attention, and Mt. Athos became the focal point for historical and religious enthusiasts, Sithonia seems to have been left out. This lack of tourism has allowed Sithonia to remain the undiscovered gem that it is today. Peaceful and photogenic, this part of Halkidiki is one of Greece’s best kept secrets that is just starting to get out. While tourism is picking up the pace in Sithonia, you can still find your piece of solitude.

Active Sithonia

The mountainous Sithonia is not just about sleep and sand, there is a whole world to be discovered for those who easily get restless. Hiking the mountains and coastal routes will yield endless hours of unbelievable views. Cycling or mountain biking around the peninsula will give you a workout that’s not for the faint hearted. Hire a boat or even a yacht - from snorkeling to fishing to diving or just cruising the tranquil teal blue waters of the Aegean, it’s all within reach in Sithonia. Oh…and last but not least, you can always go for a swim!

What we like about Sithonia

Enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach at the Neos Marmaras harbour and a stroll through the village in the evening to shop or to take in the night life. Take a short drive from here up the mountain to Parthenonas, sit in a traditional Greek taverna and revel in its amazing sunsets over Mount Olympus. From Ormos Panagias, cruise on the replica pirate ship sailing to Mt. Athos, this is the closest you will get to its ancient monasteries. Take out a boat and spend a day on the beaches of Diaporos island just off Vourvourou, don’t forget to have a dip in the incredible blue lagoon.


Porto Carras Sithonia


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