Highlights of Samothraki


Samothraki or Samothrace is one of the Greece’s most difficult islands to get to and can only be described as mysterious, wild and extreme. If you succeed in getting to Samothraki you’ll have big shoes to fill. Tradition has it that this is where Alexander the Great was conceived, Herodotus joined a secret cult and even the Apostle Paul spent a night.

Giant mountains, trees and waterfalls

Samothraki is a nature-lovers paradise, this Greek island literally has a little bit of everything! More like a chain of peaks, Mount Saos dominates the island and its highest peak, Feggari tops out at 1611 meters. This rugged and steep landscape will reward you with waterfalls cascading from great heights that eventually flow into the sea. The stream of Fonias leads adventurous hikers along a rocky riverbed and into a gorge, where a series of waterfalls plunge into deep basins of refreshingly cool mountain water. The lush environment preserves impressive chestnut trees that are 500 years old, many of which have trunks at least two meters wide!

Home of Nike - Greek goddess of victory

Samothraki is one of the longest continually inhabited islands in the Aegean. It is famed for its Sanctuary of the Great Gods on Samothraki’s northwest coast, which was considered one of ancient Greece’s most famous religious centres. For a thousand years this sanctuary, shrouded in mystery, attracted pilgrims from the Greek world. Names such as Philip II and Herodotus appear as members of the mystery cult which required them to take an oath of secrecy. The famed statue of Nike - goddess of victory, was found in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods and since 1884 resides in the Louvre museum in Paris.

Mineral baths and beaches

On the north coast of Samothraki at Therma you can find hot mineral baths. Tradition claims that it was here in Therma where Olympia conceived Alexander the Great, to this day barren women are attracted to Therma’s baths for this reason. Samothraki is not really considered a beach wonderland since most of its beaches are stone and pebble. But there are still some beaches worth mentioning, such as the lengthy Pahia Ammos on the south coast of the island. This sand beach is guaranteed to satisfy your needs!

What we like about Samothraki

Soak up the atmosphere in the timeless village of Hora - winding streets and charming cafes encompass Samothraki’s main town. Cool off under a waterfall in the refreshing pools at Fonias. Take a boat to private beaches on Samothraki’s southern coast, where you can camp the night. Test your stamina on the challenging 4 hour hike to the peak of Feggari from where Homer’s Iliad says that Poseidon watched the Trojan war. Taste Samothraki’s culinary specialty - ‘stuffed goat’ with a panorama view from one of the tavernas in the mountainside village of Prophet Elias.

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