Highlights of Meteora


If a picture says a thousand words, then Meteora is worth ten thousand. Words cannot describe the perfect combination of beauty and adventure in this magical place. Majestic stone pillars with ancient monasteries that play a balancing act as if it was a penthouse built clinging to the rock faces of these skyscrapers of nature. Lets see why this grand masterpiece should not be missed.

Is Meteora really that good?

Just to get this out, nobody has ever been disappointed coming to Meteora…and I mean NOBODY! It really is that good. In the world there are few places that could compare with or match Meteora. This is why movies such as James Bond and others that require an “out of this world” backdrop have been filmed here, because it really is that unique. Missing Meteora would be like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower, now who would ever do that?! While most tourists come to Greece in the summer for the beaches, Meteora is an all year destination giving stunning views and amazing photo opportunities whenever you decide to come.

Mind-boggling Monasteries

Stepping into Meteora is like taking a step back a 1000 years in time. Spectacular scenery and human engineering mix to form this enchanting place. As many as 24 monasteries have been built on the tops and into the sides of Meteora’s stone pillars, engineering feats that were well before their time. The remaining 6 monasteries that are still in use are open to visitors and will amaze you!

Rock Climbing

Want adventure? Hang out on the wild side of Kassandra. What could be more cool than soaking in an outdoor mineral pool with a cliff top view over the Aegean. Pamper yourself with a morning of treatments and sweat it out in the hamman and sauna. Explore the area by descending down the steep stairway to the coastal rocks, here you can some of the water sources in the small caves. After, just lounge away your afternoon on the beach below the spa center a the bottom of the cliffs. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a towel.

What we like about Meteora

Hiking the endless paths that pass through the maze of green valleys overshadowed by the towering rock formations. Explore the almost inaccessable caves that were lived in by hermit monks trying to find isolation. Experience the setting sun from the outlook at the top Meteora. If this is too much activity, then laze on your balcony with a glass of wine in hand and watch the sun bath the rocks in fabulous hues of orange and red. Take a day trip to the Pindos mountains to see the fearful Vikos Gorge.


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