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The little island that did it right! Figure it out… you plant 500 people on an isolated island in the Aegean, you throw in some offshore islets like small change, then you just hand them about 30 heavenly beaches, so, what do you get? The marketing marvel called Ammouliani.

Halkidiki’s Island

Perspective is everything. Driving from Ierissos to Sithonia, you take the high road which gives you a bird’s eye view from above to this little olive colored gemstone floating in the greenish blue Aegean shadowed by Mount Athos standing monumentally above it. Ammouliani island seems so small and insignificent, but this is no trivial island, Ammouliani is a giant amoung giants. This is Halkidiki’s only and real Greek island, tourism is its thing, and nobody in Halkidiki will beat them at their game. Every year thousands of tourists stream to this corner of Greece to see Mt. Athos. The history and monasteries are amazing, but after some days they will leave you looking for some rest and relaxation and this is where Ammouliani shines in a big way. Why not step onto this humble little island and get a different perspective, Ammouliani is guaranteed to steal your heart.

Austere Drenia

At the southern tip of Ammouliani island there is a string of 8 islets, some no larger than a large rock protruding out of the sea, others more like small islands. Each is unique and varied, from tree covered hills to windswept meadows with grazing sheep as their only inhabitants. This is Drenia, the uninhabited achipelago of Ammouliani that comes to life in the day as little boats navigate their way from Ammouliani in search of that perfect and isolated island beach.

A beach a day for a month!

This little island of not even 5 km/sq is adorned with about 30 beaches, including those on Drenia. Some are large like Alykes - the massive main beach of Ammouliani with powder like sand. Others are more difficult to reach like Ammos with its shallow and clear green hued water. And then there’s ones like Karagatsia, tucked away deep at the end of a calm inlet. When 30 days have ended, we can start all over again!

What we like about Ammouliani

From the moment you board the ferry, the vacation begins as you are whisked off to the only Greek island in Halkidiki. The charming village of Ammouliani has many seaside restaurants and tavernas for enjoying your evenings. Rent a boat for the day and escape to Drenia, an experience not to be missed. This is island life, no schedules, no plans, what’s not to like?

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