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  • Lagomandra Beach

    Lagomandra beach is a beautiful span of white sand beach that’s actually 2 beaches, the north and south parts. This amazingly attractive and shallow sandy beach just invites you go have a swim. The northern part of Lagomandra has more organization with sun beds and parasols than the southern part Read more [...]

  • Kriaritsi Beach

    Kriaritsi beach is a long bay that consists of 2 beaches divided by a crag. Being located in the south of Sithonia and directly facing the open sea, you can get some good waves, but it can also be amazingly calm. There is lots of room to set up camp Read more [...]

  • Karidi Beach

    Karidi beach is a medium sized cove on the south side of Vourvourou. The beach is a magnet in the summer as it’s one of Sithonia’s most captivating in photos. It is a family friendly beach with shallow water forming what looks like a big aquamarine swimming pool. The beach Read more [...]

  • Kalamitsi Beach

    Kalamitsi beach is classified as a medium sized beach on the southern tip of Sithonia. Situated in a small bay the water is sheltered, but having a direct opening to the sea it is remarkably clear. The beach is well organized with restaurants, beach bars and lots of sports opportunities. Read more [...]

  • Goa Beach

    Goa beach is a small beach just south of Sarti. The beach is organized by a beach bar and the atmosphere that they create will make you think you landed on a beach in Asia. The beach has got nice sand and an amazing direct view to Mount Athos. It Read more [...]

  • Gerakini Beach

    Gerakini beach sits in nicely in the bay between the Kassandra and Sithonia peninsulas. It has a southerly disposition. Gerakini is a long beach that has been a popular destination for many years and recently has seen improvement with a new 5 star hotel. The beach is yellow sand, well Read more [...]