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  • Metamorfosi Beach

    Metamorfosi beach is a chain of beaches that mark the beginning of the Sithonia peninsula. These beaches are mainly a mix of sand and pebble which makes for clear water. The blue flag category means that the beach is maintained. Some parts of Metamorfosi beach are organized by the hotels Read more [...]

  • Nikiti Beach

    Nikiti beach is the beach in the village of Nikiti. Recent years has seen it undergo massive development as a boardwalk was built and the restaurants and bars have been arranged nicely along the beach. The beach is also well organized with sun beds and parasols. The marina on the Read more [...]

  • Orange Beach (Portokali)

    Orange beach is also called Portokali and Kavourotripes, the later one meaning crab holes. This pretty well describes this beach which amounts to many small white sand coves that are found over kilometers of coastline. The main beach is organized by a beach bar and is overcrowded with sun beds Read more [...]

  • Porto Koufo Beach

    Porto Koufo beach is located in an almost enclosed bay that is one of the largest natural harbours in Greece. The beach is a narrow ribbon of sand that lines the edge of the bay. The village is a fishing village and fishing is one of the popular pastimes in Read more [...]

  • Psakoudia Beach

    Psakoudia beach is located in the holiday destination of Psakoudia. It was recently awarded the title of “Blue flag” beach. The beach itself is several kilomerers long, has soft yellow sand and shallow water which makes it a good family beach. Much of the beach is organized with sun beds Read more [...]

  • Sarti Beach

    Sarti beach is Sithonia’s pragmatic beach, it’s got all the bases covered. The beach seems infinite, a very wide swathe of yellow/white sand that stretches for kilometers. The direct view to Mt. Athos is a real distinguishing feature of Sarti beach. The water is not too shallow, not too deep Read more [...]

  • Sykia Beach

    Sykia or Sikia beach is just a short drive south of Sarti. Much like a scaled down version of Sarti beach, it is also a large beach with beautiful sand and has the “Blue flag” classification. The seabottom is also pleasantly sandy and has a good depth not being too Read more [...]

  • Toroni Beach

    Toroni beach in the village of Toroni is an extremely long “Blue Flag” beach that lives up to the hype. The course grains of sand both on the beach and in the water is like walking on a cushion of air. The water in Toroni gets deep quickly so parents Read more [...]

  • Drenia Island Beach

    Drenia Island beach is the main beach of the Drenia Islands group on the south tail of Ammouliani. This medium sized sandy beach will enchant you as an island getaway where you can escape for the day. There is a taverna that organizes Drenia beach with sun beds and umbrellas. Read more [...]

  • Livari Beach

    Livari beach is the acclaimed beach of Vourvourou. Beach photos of Sithonia usually include Livari with the towering Mt. Athos in the background or the vivid sunrises over Athos. Livari is a thin sandbar consisting of fine sand that separates the bay and creates a breathtaking lagoon. Driving by, you Read more [...]

  • Lagonisi Beach

    Lagonisi beach is a little gem in Sithonia if you are looking for a quiet beach with calm waters for swimming and great view. There is an island about a kilometer off shore that protects this wonderful beach. With only a few small family run apartment complexes here, this beach Read more [...]