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  • Philippi Walking Tour

    Do your own walking tour of Philippi! Here is an easy to follow map and some information about the things you will see. 1. Theatre The Roman style theatre was first built by probably Philip II the king of Macedonia in the middle of the 4th century BC.  The Romans read more

  • Aristotle’s Park

    Plato was dear to me, but dearer still is truth Thus a twenty year student of Plato fittingly epitomized the meaning Aristotle’s life and work as a man who searched for the truth or the logic behind everything. Aristotle’s method of questioning and analyzing until something is understood formed the read more

  • Ancient Stagira

    Home of the man who influenced 2000 years of human history – Aristotle. On a lonely bluff jutting out into the Aegean you’ll find impressive ruins of the walls of ancient Stagira. Grown over and abandoned for centuries, this home of one of the world’s most influential men finally saw read more